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WeTennix, the "All-Star Game" of tennis

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Become a virtual manager or coach

You can manage your Tennis Dream Team from anywhere, easily, and quickly! Have fun, we provide you with a fictional virtual budget.

Recruit real players from the ATP Tour

What's your strategy? Superstars like Djokovic, Medvedev, and Alcaraz, young talents, or seasoned players making a comeback?

Prepare your singles and doubles players

Pick your starters for singles and doubles as if you were a coach for the Davis Cup, the Laver Cup, or your local team championships.

The more your players win in real life, the more you beat your mates

It's the real-life performances of your players in actual ATP tournaments that determine the game scores... Unless you slip in an insane "Wild Card"! We'll explain that later.

Become the boss of tennis fans

Earn infinite respect from your friends and tennis fans by finishing 1st in your league. At worst, don't finish last.

The Advantages

Why play WeTennix?

Finally, a tennis game that's just like us!

Want to relive the spirit of the Davis Cup or an amateur team tennis championship: the frustration, the laughs, the banter... All of it with singles, doubles, duels, and the classic tennis clichés !

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Tired of spending all your time on screens?

No problem, WeTennix isn't like a console game that requires you to be glued to your home. You're free!

A few minutes are enough, you can be interrupted, play between two doors, during coffee breaks (or even during a bathroom break like Tsitsipas!).

Be part of an amazing community

Millions of tennis fans are waiting for WeTennix. Challenge your friends as well as strangers from all over the world. Join company leagues, clubs competitions, or academies... Sky's the limit!

Set the vibe for your own tennis club!

We invite you to create leagues within your club, organize end-of-league parties to meet cool new members, and share your opinions on the matches. By the way, who's the GOAT?


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